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Etiquette Saumur Blanc

Saumur Blanc

This still dry white wine is lively and mineral with citrus and fruity aromas. It has a lovely crystalline colour with a golden reflection. Served at 8°C as an aperitif with goat cheese, then oysters and sea food and finish with turkey fillet in mushroom sauce. To be enjoyed within two or three years.
Etiquette Saumur Rouge

Saumur Rouge

This still red wine coming from different plots of Cabernet Franc on flints is fruity and easy to drink with chicken and BBQ; a typical friendly wine. Served at 16°C with delicatessen and roast fish. To be enjoyed within two or three years.


Etiquette Mont Louette

Mont Louette

This is a dry white wine, made only of Chenin and fermented in old barrels. We harvest when the Chenin grapes have a golden reflection and freckles. Its flavour of white flesh fruit makes it perfect with fish, poultry and risotto, such as asparagus risotto with scallop.
Etiquette La Chapelle

La Chapelle

This is a red wine, made only of Cabernet Franc from a very old plot on flints next to a little Chapel. The malolactic (second) fermentation is carried out in old barrels. We practice a green and pink harvest to keep the best bunches of grapes. Its flavour: between red and black fruit. Its fine structure is perfect with camembert or small game like hare.


Etiquette Espoir d'Automne

Espoir d'Automne

This sweet white wine with only Chenin is well-balanced and fresh, fermented in old barrels with yellow fruit aromas. Delicious with sweet and sour combinations like pear pie with blue cheese and exotic cuisine.
Etiquette Saveurs d'Antan

Saveurs d'Antan

This red wine comes from 100 year old vines of Cabernet Franc on an exceptional plot on flints. This wine has black fruit aromas and a powerful mouth. Enjoy it on its own, for pleasure or with large game and strong cheeses.


Etiquette Saumur Rosé


Dry Cabernet Franc Rosé, lively and sharp like the samurai sabre, red fruit aromas and perfect for aperitif, buffet and BBQ.
Etiquette Saumur Rosé


Sweet Cabernet franc Rosé; soft and fleshy like Sumotori, very fruity with red fruit aromas such as strawberry. Delicious as an aperitif.

Delicate Bubbles

Genuine Traditional Method; every stage is carried out in our Domain, from bottle fermentation to disgorgement and the upside-down stage.
Etiquette méthode traditionnelle

Fées Blanches

The Fées Blanches Selection, White Fairies, evokes the little bubbles flying in the flute-glass. It's a dry sparkling white wine made of Chenin. Served as an aperitif, with dessert or during a meal.
Etiquette méthode traditionnelle

Petit Anjou

The Petit Anjou was the name of a train in the first half of the 20th century. The station of Montfort is very close to our Domain and its café was at our Domain. It’s a sparkling medium rosé of Cabernet Franc, perfect for aperitif and dessert
Etiquette méthode traditionnelle

Bulles Rouges

The Selection Bulles Rouges, Red Bubbles is a sparkling medium red wine of Cabernet Franc. It's delicious with chocolate and red fruit or as an aperitif with sweet and sour combinations such as bacon with prune.
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