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The Chenin and the Cabernet franc


Chenin is a beautiful grape variety; it's possible to make anything with it! According to the type of wine we want, we harvest earlier or later. In Anthony's hand, you can see the evolution of the maturity of Chenin with the increase of sugar. At the beginning, it's green with citrus aromas. The second Chenin grape has a golden reflection and freckles, with white flesh fruit aromas. The third is brown, very aromatic, expressing exotic fruit. And the last ... it's a boom of taste, very difficult to resist tasting them during the harvest.


Don't forget Cabernet franc, a wonderful grape variety. According to the time of harvest, the taste is very different. At the beginning, it has aromas of red fruit, then a mix between red and black fruit and at the end, black fruit. But in order to keep the grapes on the vine, we need to do some preparation work. The sun is not always with us in the Loire Valley. The Atlantic Ocean brings us a quite humid climate. So we prune, thin out the leaves to avoid moist, practice green and pink harvest to keep only the best bunches of grapes.

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